April 22, 2015 - Earth Day - CLES’ innovative groundwater remediation project wins a 2015 Environmental Award from the City of Raleigh!

David Wells, P.G., Senior Hyd
rogeologist and Managing Member with CLES, was honored with a 2015 Environmental Award from the City of Raleigh in the Emerging Business/Technology category for the Innovative Groundwater Remediation Project at the Former Piedmont Air Conditioning Site.  The eighth annual Environmental Awards celebration was held at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and had a standing-room only crowd!

An excerpt from the awards presentation:

Gasoline contamination caused by leaking underground tanks was identified at the former Piedmont Air Conditioning facility in 1999. Previous consultants had spent over 12 years attempting to remediate the release, but a layer of gasoline that was about 35 feet wide by 75 feet long and over four feet thick still remained on top of the groundwater, and it was located about 30 feet below ground. 

Mr. Wells prepared a New Technology Cleanup Plan that included injecting a surfactant soap solution into the monitor wells around the perimeter of the contamination while simultaneously extracting the emulsified gasoline and contaminated groundwater from nearby wells. His innovative and cost-effective approach was approved by NCDENR’s Innovative Technology Committee for reimbursement from the UST Trust Fund. Mr. Wells’ combined approach maximized the solution’s contact with the targeted area and successfully eliminated the free-phase gasoline in one treatment.

The concept is simple and highly effective - the soap solution “washes” the soil and allows the emulsified gasoline to be removed. This also eliminates the chronic source of groundwater contamination and reduces the concentration of the remaining groundwater contamination to levels that are no longer toxic to the natural biological degradation process.

Read the City’s press release at:

This innovative project was also covered in the News & Observer article described below.

March 17, 2014 - Innovative Cape Lookout Environmental Sciences project featured in the Raleigh News & Observer - Business partners at environmental firm cleaning up after being laid off

The N&O article showcases their on-going innovative and effective remediation project that uses a surfactant (industrial-grade soap) solution that is injected into monitor wells to help remove free-phase gasoline that is located about 30 feet below ground, situated on top of the groundwater table. The project is one of only a handful of sites that has been approved by NCDENR’s Innovative Technology Committee to use this method, which has been proven cost-effective for extracting free-phase gasoline from hard to access locations in several other states. 

The concept is simple - the soap solution essentially “washes” the soil, and allows an emulsified mixture of  gasoline, surfactant, and contaminated groundwater to be removed, thereby eliminating the residual, chronic source of groundwater contamination.  This helps to bring down the concentrations of the contaminants in the groundwater to levels that are no longer toxic to the natural biodegradation process, and can put the release incident on a path toward closure with NCDENR. 

To see the full article, go to:

Prior to implementing their innovative remediation, a layer of free-phase gasoline up to 5 feet thick was present at the former Piedmont Air Conditioning site.  The fuel had been there since the underground tanks were removed in 1987.

The layer of free-phase gasoline was no longer visible on top of groundwater collected from the same well after implementing to the surfactant injection and extraction!

March 4, 2014 - Chris Hamblet’s “iStone RockDock” design awarded a patent!

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Official Gazette today published Hamblet’s unique design for an “Electronic Device Holder.”  The simple, but effective, design allows you to place your iPad, iPhone, or other similar device into a solid piece of granite, providing a stable base to use and charge the device. (see below.)

August 2013 - CLES Owners Launch New Granite iPad and iPhone Docking Station Business - The iStone Store!

Using environmentally-friendly excess granite slab obtained from a granite countertop facility that would have been waste headed for a landfill, Chris Hamblet created the iStone - an attractive and practical way to use, charge, and store your iPad or iPhone! The unique design is simply elegant in both form and function, and has been awarded a US Patent! The iStone can be used as docking station or as a stand in either portrait or landscape orientation by simply placing your iPad or iPhone into the leather-lined channel, which is slanted back at a 15 degree angle. This allows the device to be viewed at a comfortable angle on a desktop, countertop or table, and perfect for Skype or FaceTime.  iStones include docking cable port openings that are compatible with either Apple's new Lightning docking cable or Apple's original 30-pin docking cable.  They are also available with a bamboo stylus and convenient leather-lined stylus port. Each iStone is individually handcrafted in Raleigh and Wake Forest, North Carolina. 

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